Animation Ink offers a full suite of animation and visualisation services and products, from concept art, storyboards and illustrations, right through to the production, editing and DVD authoring of 3D animation and film productions, marketing videos and interactive presentations.

Whether your project is large or small, calling for either simple and illustrated diagrams or large scale 3D models and video productions, our multi-skilled and dedicated team is committed to working with you to help deliver your message with impact and imagination.

Please click on the links below to view our core range of products. We invite you also to look at some of our previous projects, or contact us directly to discuss how we can devise a tailored animation solution to meet your company’s unique visualization needs or aspirations.

Pre-Production Services

Scriptwriting, Storyboards, Photography
Working to your particular brief or visual requirements, our scriptwriters, storyboard artists and photographers can craft your message and flesh out the visual components of your production, providing a clear visual map and guide for the development of your project or presentation, as well as amassing 3D stills and footage as required. We pride ourselves on providing a responsive and communicative service, and will engage closely with you through these pre-production phases to fine-tune your message and its delivery.

Illustrated Diagrams
Simple illustrated diagrams can often communicate concepts much more quickly and effectively than informational blurbs or worded overviews. If you are tendering on a mining contract, drawings, illustrated maps, cross-sectional displays and other 3D visuals can help illustrate the project phases and processes, clarifying steps and bridging the gap between phase-specific technical details and the ‘bigger picture’.

Web Design
In today’s age websites are often the first point of contact or exchange between businesses and potential customers. Our web design and animation solutions will help you to put your best foot forward, conveying a fresh and professional image in line with your particular business mentality and approach.

Production Services

3D and 2D Animation
Animation Ink specialises in providing unique computer generated graphics that visually showcase your project, product or service. Breathing life into still images and 3D models, we create animations and moving imagery that help you to convey your intended message or illustrate your processes and procedures with dynamic visuals, whatever the intended medium – be it TV, web, corporate video or other commercial and promotional materials.

3D Modelling
We will faithfully recreate your sketches, design concepts and detailed drawings and plans into functioning 3D models for a smooth illustration of your project design or service components. Engaging a range of optimisation, texturing, environment, lighting and rendering techniques, Animation Ink converts your complicated and cumbersome CAD models into highly realistic and workable 3D visualisations with detailed, contextualised environmental surrounds.
We recently completed detailed 3D models of mine sites and processing facilities for Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas’ landmark $35 billion coal seam gas to liquefied natural gas development project in Queensland.

CG Visual Effects
Visual effects can help add impact and emphasis to your presentation or illustrate and simulate processes, conditions and events. We provide tailored CG visual effects solutions across a variety of formats, injecting interest and energy for a more dynamic and powerful message.

Architectural Modelling
Architectural models can be a powerful visualization and marketing tool, providing a window into future development and helping to attract and engage potential customers throughout the buying process. We can provide exterior and interior renderings of your architectural developments, animated fly throughs or walk throughs, floor plans, panoramics, high resolution stills, and a range of other visualization solutions for the property design, development and construction industries.

We create photorealistic 3D renders for urban planners, architects, engineers, site developers and other industry professionals. Animation Ink has recently invested in a significant extension and upgrade of our in-house render farm, allowing us to render your images with more efficiency and in greater detail than ever before.

Post-Production Services

Video editing, Titles and Captions, Voice-Overs
Smart editing, appropriate voice-overs and cohesive titles and captions are all important in determining the final look and feel of your video or multimedia project. Our experienced editors can piece together your message and, working with a team of professional voice over artists, help you choose the right voice to deliver it. Titles and captions also set the tone and mood of your presentation and we can design animated logos, titles and text unique to your company and presentation purpose.

Translation and Subtitling
We provide translation of over 60 languages for your voice-overs, subtitles, scripts and captions to help cater to your international audiences and communication needs. Animation Ink recently completed a Mandarin version of our Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas project video, illustrating the coal seam gas development’s project process and phases for informative and capital raising purposes.

DVD Authoring and Duplication
Our full DVD production services include the design and packaging of your DVD or CD production and professional DVD authoring and duplication using industry grade software. We can provide customised menus and a range of DVD ROM and other features, as well as offering professional graphic design for your covers and labels.

Print Services
Aside from our 3D animations and models, Animation Ink also provides graphic design services for print mediums, including branding and logo design, street signage, brochures and flyers, 3D stills and other print outputs and visuals. Allow us to oversee your promotional and informational content across all mediums for a targeted and consistent marketing message.

Client Presentations
Our full range of pre and post-production services enable us to act as the single point of contact for all your client presentations. We can creatively combine film footage, stills, illustrated diagrams, and animated 3D renders and models with a range of visual effects to deliver your message in a decisive and visually impressive manner. Entrust us with full responsibility for your next client presentation.