Real life 3D Environments

Over the past couple of months, Animation Ink has been developing new custom pipeline to add to their production schedules. Advanced 3D terrain modelling and mapping has been developed to simulate real life project sites.

Live Eco System can now be simulated with realistic Trees, clouds and Atmospheric effects. This is a huge step forward from previous production pipelines.


Drilling Site

Animation Ink has completed a cross-section 3D illustration depicting the coal seam gas drilling process. The illustration was highly technical showing the fracturing drilling process underground. Local communities and group interpret the data as a educational A0 diagram.


Animation Render Farm Upgrade

Animation Ink has completed upgrading their state of the art in-house render farm. We look forward to increasing the quality of our final product and faster turnaround in render speeds. Animation Ink has also opened its doors to local company’s and artist to render out projects at the new facilities. A web based ftp client is under development which will link job submissions to the render farm.