Flour Environmental Field Guide

Flour needed an Environmental Field Guide associated with managing the environmental issues on the Santos GLNG project. A 32 page Environmental Field guide was developed illustrating OH&S concepts, Environmental controls, Regulations and Construction. The guide has been used across Fluor’s worksites and camps in central Queensland.


BMA/BHP 3D Demonstration.

Drawing from experiences in the Coal Seam Gas and Mining Industry, Animation Ink created BMA 5 minutes visualisation presentation. It was successfully launched and screened at the recent 34th IGC Conference held in Brisbane, The production highlighted exciting BMA job roles in Geology and the benefits of working for BMA. A complex data pipeline was produced to display large geotechnical 3D data sets and terrain modelling on one of the largest mine sites in Australia. Other technical milestones were accomplished, i.e., the production of well cad data from over 16,000 wells and displayed actual core samples.


APLNG Update

Following on from the strong video release of the astounding growth of the APLNG project, Animation Ink updated the existing production to reflect changes within the project. Such as the Joint venture partnership between Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec and the growing engineering structures and layouts. The 3D production is now used for both informational and capital raising purposes, it has now been reproduced in Mandarin for Chinese audiences.


3D Fly Over of QER site

After a successful 3D campaign depicting the operation process of the new QER oil shale processing plant in Gladstone. Animation Ink was contracted to produce a 3D flyover of the site using Digital Terrain Models and Satellite Imagery.


Using the latest in EcoSystem Population Program & the Queensland largest 3D render farm, Animation Ink populated the scene with over 1.2 million instance of trees, grass, and bushes to produce a look which was realistic and aligned with QER corporate guidelines.


APLNG Upstream Production

In recognition of our strong track record producing animations for the burgeoning coal seam gas industry, Animation Ink was contracted by Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural gas to develop a DVD production showcasing their landmark $35 coal seam gas project, a join venture between Origin Energy and Conoco Philips. The production outlined each of the project’s key phases and technical processes, drawing on a mixture of stills, film footage and custom process animations. Used for both informational and capital raising purposes, it has now been reproduced in Mandarin for Chinese audiences.


QER 3D Process Animation

QER required an animation demonstrating the operating process of their new Oil Shale processing plant in Gladstone, to be used on touch screens for community education and demonstrations. Animation Ink developed a clear, easy-to-understand 3D animation and a custom, interactive screen design showing the plant’s internal workings. These projects were also complemented with a series of additional animations for use in community consultation and demonstration sessions, and for internal education. The success of these productions led to our being contracted to complete a second, shorter 3D animation for trade shows and web viewing, and a DVD series was also produced for local and international distribution.


APPEA The Journey of CSG to LNG

With the backing of major coal seam gas producing companies, including Arrow Energy, Origin, QGC and Santos, APPEA called on Animation Ink for the production of a DVD that would promote coal seam gas and liquefied natural gas as a safe and viable energy resource. Uniting these key industry players, the DVD aimed to explain how the gas is produced, its uses, and the important environmental and safety measures taken by companies to ensure more efficient and greener production. Animation Ink produced and duplicated over 20,000 DVDs, with the production released for both domestic and international consumption to governments, local councils, community groups, schools, and for in-house training.


Coffee 3D drilling illustration

Drawing on our experience in mining industry modelling and animations, Animation Ink completed a cross-sectional 3D illustration depicting the coal seam gas drilling process for a public audience. The illustration showed the fracturing drilling process underground in detail, and local communities and groups interpret the data as an educational A0 diagram.


Arrow Energy Field Guide

Arrow Energy contracted Animation Ink to develop a pocket size environmental field guide for its employees working in pipeline construction. Using an array of 3D illustrations, the guide provided on site engineers and construction workers with layout instructions and dimensions for working on farm lands and in fragile nature corridors, helping to streamline their processes and minimise environmental disturbances.


Origin Energy CSG Process Production

Developed to illustrate the joint venture between Origin Energy and Conoco Phillips, this DVD production outlined the two companies’ current projects and commitment to their new alliance in the coal seam gas arena. Animation Ink produced a number of animations especially for this production, including complex animations of the drilling process and resulting gas flows. The production was viewed domestically and by foreign investors.